Limiting How Far Ahead I Write

A Tunnel

This should post on September 5th, and I’m writing it on August 13th. This isn’t relevant to much, but here’s the thing… if I’m writing that far in advance maybe I need to slow down.

Being three weeks ahead is great, I might even let myself get a full month ahead, but that has to be my limit. Things change in a month, possibly a great deal. If I’m too far ahead I’m not writing about what’s going on, but what was going on a month ago. That’s probably okay, but I find that when I get on a roll I do six or seven posts at once, and that means I can easily get many, many months ahead. Not necessarily a bad thing I guess, but I’m trying to chronicle the reality of my journey as a writer here, and if I’m too far ahead I’m not doing that anymore.

So, I’m limiting myself to one month ahead. Also, there’s the word count thing. If I’m doing six or seven posts, well, I’m writing between two and five hundred words per post. My fiction writing is typically around two thousand words these days (that’s my goal, and I meet it consistently). If I’m doing that many blog posts on top of it I’m writing well above my daily word limit, and maybe that time would be better spent on other things.

I’m going to look at doing this differently, limiting myself to one post unless I’m going to be away for a little while for example. Turn that extra effort to adding word count to fiction or other marketing avenues. Don’t worry, I’ll still do a post a day, and if I won’t be able to write for a little bit I’ll add extra to the blog to make up for it, keep my lead time going.

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