Order of Operations

A Waterfall

I’m thinking about what order to write my next books in. I have a third in the World of the Dead series, a piece of literary fiction, and an epic fantasy novel as the obvious options. The literary fiction and the epic fantasy are a fair way in. The third world of the dead is not, not even started, but it is the third novel in a series. That gives it extra cache. I also have outlines (and work done on): A supernatural horror that is not quite any genre I’ve run into, a vampire story that’s more literary than horror, a paranormal teen lesbian romance about demon hunters, a neo noir cyberpunk comedy, a detective mystery with a BDSM twist, and a few other zombie idea.

Those are just novels I have outlines for. I have a bunch more ideas, but that’s the stuff sitting there, ready to go, just needing me to take to the keyboard and type it up. I keep leaving ideas behind because I have too many in my queue right now. At the same time, I have to spend some more time on my Patreon, making it something a person would maybe, just maybe, want to contribute money to.

All this choice is hard, it’s so much easier when I have an active WIP.

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