Things I Won’t Do for Success

A Lizard in a Hat

I have been reading a huge amount of productivity/success posts lately, mostly on (I also write some stuff on there – part of my attempt to market myself). There are a lot of interesting things on Medium and some that I have benefited from. I suspect that if you were to follow all of them you would quickly cease to be a human being and become some sort of terrible plastic person.

For example: Surround yourselves with people who hold you to a higher standard. Cool, but that means a: choosing friends based on how they benefit you, and b: choosing friends who are willing to surround themselves with people who hold themselves to a lower standard since you have already made sure you are that person for them.

I refuse to choose my friends based on what they do for me. Now, I will stop hanging out with someone who is bringing me down, eventually. I mean, it may take a few years while I try to hold onto that friendship, but in the end, I will distance myself. That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about why I’m friends with someone in the first place. I often choose friends based on what I can give them, or even more often, just based on if I like them. If I became a person who chose my friends for what they could do for me I would be a person I couldn’t respect.

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