Wading Into Muddy Water

A Lizard in a Cape

Yesterday I wrote a piece for Medium. It was my first overtly political piece in a long time. I think it was a decent bit of writing, but I have to admit to a bit of trepidation. See, I’ve stayed out of politics a bit lately because I’m trying to build my reputation as a writer, and I’m not sure how much I should bring my personal voice into it. I mean, sure, what I feel, what I think about writing – but this is different.

Now, having said that, it’s an important topic to me, and I don’t believe in hiding behind fake objectivity or anything. I think that in the end, you have to be true to your personal beliefs and if that costs you some readers, well, I guess it’s back to eating instant ramen. I’ll survive but I won’t survive if I don’t follow my conscience.

I believe that too many writers follow the demands of success, don’t think enough about what it actually means, about the fact that writing is a voice you are putting out there for the world to read, and that voice has to be an honest one, one based on your core truth.

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