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I’m doing a fair bit of writing on other sites right now. A little bit on Medium, but not a huge amount – despite everyone telling me that is the one to go to. Instead, I seem to do a lot more right now for, a new media review site. It’s a fun site to write for because they pretty much let me choose whatever I want to write and because they are new I’m not lost in a sea of other writers. I’m one of about five at the moment.

I’ve found a bit of a niche there, reviewing less popular properties. They have other folks who do the top movies in the theatres, etc. My last few reviews have included a self-published series on Amazon, I Spit On Your Grave, and a truly terrible movie called WTF!

I still do some stuff on Medium, and who knows, maybe I’ll hit something that people fall in love with, it’ll become huge, and I’ll become an overnight Medium sensation, but it seems less likely. The far more likely reality is that I will keep putting out content on Medium, and get a small following, and maybe some of them will follow me on here. Maybe the odd one will even join my mailing list. Meanwhile, I get to grow with miscreviews, building my profile as the site builds. Their marketing benefits me, and mine benefits them, very closely.

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