Obsessing Over Stats

The Portuguese Countryside

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with numbers. Specifically the stats for my author platform (which just means my blog, my facebook page, all that good stuff). Right now my primary focus as an author (other than the writing of course) is building this platform so that when I drop Resource Economies people can find it, can buy it, all that goodness.

As a result, I’m getting a bit weird about checking my stats. How many hits did I get on my blog each day? How many subscribers to my mailing list? What’s working to bring people in and what isn’t? How many people is my facebook page reaching? How about my twitter?

Now, I know this obsession is probably not healthy, and it’s definitely not helping. Hell, some days it gets in the way of writing my word count, but it’s still there in my brain. I am not even in a rush, I don’t have the second edition cover of A Long Walk yet, I don’t have the edits done, it’s fluff and noise right now, but I’m so focused on making this writing thing work that it’s hard to get it out of my head.

I think it’s a natural consequence of going all in on something like I have, and I know that it will work better if I let it go a little bit, if I relax and let the writing happen.

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