Derek Murphy

A Lake in Nova Scotia

I’ve been really digging into researching how to make and sell books the last little while, and as I did this, I discovered Derek Murphy. I suspect that most indie writers find him at some point, and then start following him, watching his videos, reading his marketing advice, etc. He’s the man behind and, two of the best resources for indie writers out there. He also has a youtube channel that is full of great advice. He’s also an extraordinary character in many ways. He does advice on neutropics; he’s very, very personal in his style of addressing his audience. Everything about him is, well, interesting. He’s a twitchy, spiky haired, strange man and he has great screen presence.

Please note, nothing I’m saying is criticism. Derek is great, genuinely great… he’s just so much more of an individual, so much more interesting, so much more real, than the vast majority of vloggers who focus on writing. He seems like someone who would be utterly fascinating to sit down and have a drink with.

Anyway, if you are a writer and for some reason, you don’t know about his stuff, watch it.

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