2K, time to move to 2500


I’ve reached 2000 words a day and stuck with it for a little while. Now I need to up my game. I actually have a goal, it’s more like 5000 words a day. 2000 is cool and all, but it’s limited. I want to be able to produce a 100,000-word novel (first draft obviously) in a month. I’m not there, not close. I’m more like a 60000-word novel. It’s all good, I think I can achieve it, but I plan to get there over time, not in one fell swoop. It’s a marathon, not a sprint, but what people don’t mention is that the elite marathon runner runs faster every kilometre of that marathon than the average sprinter does over their hundred meters. It’s a matter of training yourself. Right now I’m faster than average, I’m not a sprinter, running my casual way through my short stretch, but I’m not an elite runner yet either. I’m working towards it, I’ll get there, by building myself up piece by piece, step by step.

I do worry about burning out, but so far my 2000 words a day seems to propel me, make me want to write more, build on the habit, the desire. I find myself doing something like cooking and resenting the time away from my words.

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