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I have been engaging in my “Improve Your Prose” project for a few days, and I have some valuable resources to pass on.

  • Shaelin Writes. She’s engaging, has a good personality, and is passing on great advice. I haven’t read her books, but when she reads things like descriptions from her books they are very, very good.
  • Chris Fox on Youtube. Chris gives his advice on writing. The one I found first was the 21-day novel writing challenge. He wrote a book in 21 days, including editing. It was something like 80k words.
  • Chris also writes books about writing. One of those books is 5,000 Words Per Hour. I bought that one. It’s a method to increase your writing speed.
  • Stephen King On Writing – This was one of the first books on writing I ever read.
  • Brandon Sanderson Lectures. Brandon Sanderson is one of the great fantasy writers of our time, and will probably be mentioned alongside writers like CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien someday. His lectures from the class he teaches at BYU are available online for free.
  • Ellen Brock. She’s an editor and does videos on how to edit. Great advice.

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