A Second Edition

A Misty Road in the Morning

When I publish Resource Economies I will also be re-releasing A Long Walk. There are a few edits I have found, and there are some typos and the like in the prior version. Also, the dedication makes no sense anymore.

Because I’m doing the line edits anyway I’m going to tackle structure and story edits. There are a few changes I would like to make. They aren’t strictly speaking essential, but I feel like they would improve the novel. I will be adding to the action sequences, making them more visceral. I will also be making it clearer where the antagonist is coming from. There are some subtle details that I don’t think anyone has picked up on (at least nobody has mentioned them). I might or might not make them less subtle.

Anyway, it’s a big change. It will also come with a new cover, although I haven’t decided what it will be yet. I’m thinking something like Jasper and Naomi back to back with zombies closing in, maybe Robert in the background semi-transparent.

Whatever I do, I have to do it, I have to create that image. Trying to decide if I need to break out the pencils and digital ink kit or hire someone to create it, either in photos or illustrated. I could also shoot it myself, would involve hiring three models and a studio. Hell, I could throw in Mona. Okay, I think I know what I want to shoot now. Thanks, this has been a very helpful conversation 😉

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