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Cloudy Skies Reflected on a Wet Beach

A Long Walk is a fairly short novel. It’s a bit over sixty thousand words. The sequel, Resource Economies, is a little over seventy-four thousand words. My books actually tend to grow a little bit in second draft. Of course, I cut but I also grow things. My first drafts are sparse, word light. I do them to get the ideas out, to make the scenes exist. Second draft I usually add a lot of description, more sense writing, more details. For example, A Long Walk started at just over fifty thousand words and by the time I had the second draft it was over sixty. I suspect that Resource Economies will grow more than A Long Walk did (I’m basing this on what I wrote and what I want to add right now).

Also, A Long Walk is going into revisions for the second edition. I know it will grow. One thing that I should have done better is more detailed violence and gore. I will be adding to it. It might end up being another ten thousand words, maybe only a thousand… I don’t know yet.

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