Picture from Inside a Cloud of Tear Gas

I’m sick right now. Not terribly, but enough that I’m feeling terrible. Body aches, coughing, sore throat, all that good stuff. I haven’t met my writing goal and it’s getting into evening. In fact, I haven’t really written anything.

So, will I be skipping my writing for today? Hell no.

I will be making my goal, and I will be doing it shortly. Being sick is not a valid reason to skip my goal… especially since I did take a break from writing a couple of weeks ago.

I’ll hit my words when I get to the right point. I still have a good five hours left today, and doing my 2,500 words will only take an hour or a bit more.

Being sick like this means I’m having trouble writing this piece, I have gone off on tangents and deleted them multiple times. So, I’m going to end this here… hopefully I’m more coherent by tomorrow.

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