The Current WIP is On Track

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I need a title for my current work in progress. I had one; then I discovered that there was a novel of the same name that had done quite well in the late eighties/early nineties. I don’t want to compete in that same space since this book is literary fiction and doesn’t benefit from a subtitle or series name.

Other than the title it’s very much back on track. The main character is suffering for his sins and will continue to do so until he stops being such a spineless little piece of garbage. The suffering has pretty much reached a crescendo, and I think in my writing session today he will start on his path to redemption.

I had been stuck for a little bit, I made a story element too easy for him, gave him too much comfort. It never works in novels. Literary fiction might even be the worst for it. You can give characters in a horror story a nice interlude where they get to breathe, but if you let up on those literary characters, it ruins everything.

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