Grammarly for Automated Editing

Distant Misty Shores

I just got myself a copy of Grammarly Premium. Finally spent the money and picked it up. So far it’s excellent. No, I don’t agree with everything it says… it seems to have an issue with tense from time to time (I am writing my current novel past tense, Grammarly keeps trying to make individual words present tense where it makes no sense), but it helps a great deal. There is a very legitimate case to be made for spending the money if you want to be a professional writer.

I started going through A Long Walk, and there are many, many improvements recommended. A Long Walk is in pretty good shape for story edits, so it’s mostly line edits that it needs. I think that using Grammarly; I will be able to take care of ninety percent of them. Of course, it doesn’t do everything right Sometimes it does things that are very strange. Above it tried to change line to lined. That would make absolutely no sense.

Anyway, a new tool for my toolkit. I look forward to using it, and with any luck, the content of this blog will improve as well!

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