The Story Grid

Pussy Willow

I’ve been reading The Story Grid by Shawn Coyne the last couple of days. It’s part of my quest to become a better writer, and I am adding it to the curriculum for my become a better writer course (I’m the only one who is taking this course).

I’m impressed with it. It’s a great way to develop a story, at least so far. I’m about a third in, and I’m already learning more about the books I’m currently writing and getting a lot of ideas for how to plot my upcoming books. I have eight or nine books planned (as in I know the story, the ending, and the main characters). This method has allowed me to figure out what I’m doing in a great deal more detail.

There is a lot of insight there, and it’s clear that Shawn Coyne is a very, very knowledgeable editor. He’s focused on story edits, and the story grid is about story edits, not line edits. Grammarly takes care of most of my line edits – it’s pretty amazing how effective it is. Anyway, back to the story grid.

I will be able to say more once I finish the story grid, but so far I’ve completely and totally revamped the way I have plotted my existing books, mostly I fit the stories onto the grid, and that gave me a clear picture of where I was missing, where I was inconsistent.

I think I will be able to create much better stories using this method, and I highly recommend the system to anyone.

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