The Dom


I’ve been watching a lot of videos about writing, but I’ve also started watching some criticism. It’s good for determining what makes a story work, and what makes one fail. I’m using it as part of my get better at writing program.

Lately, I’ve been watching a series of reviews about the difference between films and books, because it shows what effect different choices have on the final product. It’s an interesting study, plus the reviews are kind of entertaining. The reviewer calls himself The Dom, not because he is a BDSM aficionado, but because his name is Dominic.

The movie that really got me started watching him was fifty shades of grey. It was a great review, scathing of course and fair. He’s a very good reviewer, he reviews on the basis of loyalty to the story as well as the respective qualities of both, and exactly what effect the changes have.

I feel like it helps me with plot development and character development (The Dom focuses a great deal on character changes).

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