Editing Resource Economies

A Building by the Beach

I’m doing edits to both A Long Walk and Resource Economies right now. The edits are going better than I expected, but I’m discovering something that shocks me… Resource Economies is better than I expected so far. Now, admittedly I’m still near the beginning of the book and the main action is still to come. Big issue: My main character is a bit weak. I have to beef up his sections some, give him more of an early role. I think not introducing him in the first chapter was a mistake, and I can’t just swap chapters one and two, there are elements in chapter two that need to come after chapter one. However, what I can do is add a new first chapter that introduces Chad and gives him a bit more backstory. It works better anyway because I was a bit tell and not enough show with how I introduced him.

There are huge portions needing rewriting. Every page is covered in highlighter (every page I’ve gotten through at least) but that’s cool, that’s what I expected. There are also a couple of story issues, but I expected that. What is gratifying is that the story is more engaging than I had expected it to be. I find myself getting drawn in despite myself, despite knowing what’s going to happen. It’s a strong opening than A Long Walk (although that’s getting an upgrade too – the amount of highlighter in the first chapter of a long walk is incredible).

I’m enjoying the process, which is a change, just a few days ago I was complaining about being scared of it. I think I was worried that I had bitten off more than I could chew regarding editing, but now I’m hitting my stride and it seems possible.

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