Jenny Dark

A Fence with Wire

Normally I don’t talk a lot about my works until they are published, but I’ve decided to change that. How much am I changing that? I’m creating websites for three of my series. Should be up in the next few weeks. Jenny Dark is my current Work in Progress. Well, Jenny Dark book 1 at least.

I’m very proud of the concept work I’ve done for Jenny Dark, the world building, the creative direction. The execution? Well, I’m still in the middle of that. I think I’m proud of it, but we’ll see. It’s still under ten thousand words at this point. It’s the most heavily outlined I’ve ever written, with each scene in the entire novel sitting in my editing software, with a short synopsis saying why I have it there. Most scenes are of course still empty.

The novel should be between seventy-five and eighty thousand words.

The basic premise is a sort of Sherlock Holmes meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer deal. A couple of young women fight the forces of evil as the last line of defence the world has. The mythology is complex and detailed, the most complex and detailed I’ve created to date (there is technically more data on World of the Dead, but that’s because I ran a GURPS campaign based on it, much of it is more play related than story).

Anyway, coming soon (when I finish building it I will convert this to an actual link).

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