Missed a Few Days

Beach with wharf and ruined dory

I was a bad writer. I missed two days of writing. I missed Saturday and Sunday this weekend. I’m going to try and up my word count for a little bit to make up for it.

It’s kind of a big deal because it represents a break in momentum, and if I’m honest with myself sometimes I let myself off the hook for things I should be doing and don’t get back to them. Exercise is one of those things. I was doing quite well for a little while and then I stopped one morning because I was feeling crappy. I never restarted. Now I keep telling myself I’m going to start running again, work through c25k and start doing resistance training in between. Problem is, I don’t actually do it. I just tell myself I will.

So, not letting myself off the hook this time. I need to hit 3k words every day for the next 10 days, or 3500 for five days. Either way, I owe myself 5k words that I have to make up. I give myself a maximum of two weeks to achieve this.

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