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I’m trying out a few classes on skillshare right now. I was referred by Jenna Moreci, who has excellent info for authors. I am a big fan of her youtube stuff, so when I saw she had a class available I jumped on it.

Now, she uses skillshare for her class, which is a paid learning platform, but she does offer a two free month promo if you sign up with her. Turns out that anybody can offer the two free months, so click here if you want it (disclaimer: I get a free month if you sign up for two free months and then pay for one month – don’t feel obligated to pay, but why not give people the link right?)

Anyway, the platform is alright, but seems to have some latency issues (well, my internet connection has some latency issues, but youtube has solved them for me, these guys haven’t).

There’s a lot of decent content there, and it seems alright so far. Now, since I’m working on becoming a better writer, it seems like a good point for me to work with. The one I’m taking right now (Jenna Moreci’s one) is about how to grow an audience.  It’s shallow-ish, but Jenna is entertaining, and she’s done a great job marketing her stuff.

A lot of the other stuff I want to take a look at is in the realm of how to write better prose, because, well, that’s my mission right now.

I’m not saying this is the place to learn everything and that I’m a huge fan of the platform. Honestly, it’s not my favourite so far (I like futurelearn a lot), and I’m not only using it – it’s just one piece of my learning strategy.

My course on futurelearn was one of the best things I did, it improved my skillset by more than anything I have done since, but it was intensive and time-consuming. So far Jenna’s course is very quick. I will finish all the lessons in the class around the same time I finish this blog post (no really, I have 7 minutes left, I started less than a half hour ago). It’s bite-sized.

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