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A Sign by a Path

I’m trying to ensure that my marketing efforts are effective these days. Now, one thing that has absolutely been working is giving away my first book for free. Well, sort of. It’s getting downloaded, but it’s not getting reviews. That’s alright though, it’s getting downloads. Every day. Now, at this point, I haven’t done a lot to make people who read it give me reviews. I do plan to edit and re-release it (still for free). So, that’s good.

The next piece is the blog. If you are reading this then you are aware my blog exists of course. I’m looking at how often I post. Right now it’s every day, which seems like I can manage, it, but I wonder if maybe it’s too often.

If so, if I should do post less often, please let me know. I don’t want to be overdoing it.

I try to share something small, and often, instead of something large rarely. Would you like more in-depth posts?

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