NaNoWriMo Day 8 and music I’m listening to right now

A village by the sea

Day 8. Made my word count. In fact, my average word count (even counting my missed day) is over 2400 words, so I’m in great shape for making my goal. The story is flowing amazingly well. I’ll see at the end if it works out.

Now, music. Today I’m listening to Mars Argo and That Poppy. If you don’t know about them, well, it might be the best performance art on YouTube as well as some decent music (and some terrible music).

In general, if it’s Mars Argo it’s decent music. If it’s That Poppy, it could go either way. For some reason, most of Poppy’s music is very compelling, despite being objectively awful.

Now, it’s much, much stranger than you might think. Both That Poppy and Mars Argo are the products of a very, very strange producer/director/musician named Titanic Sinclair who seems to have masterminded the whole thing as some sort of strange pseudo-conspiracy that he created for entertainment purposes. There are a lot of Illuminati references and bits of imagery, not to mention satanic references. It’s the strangest thing going right now.

Of course, it’s great fuel for creativity, and a lot of the music is genuinely enjoyable.

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