NaNoWriMo Day 18, 19, 20. Random Life Stuff

Stairs on Citadel Hill

So, I didn’t update for a few days. I also missed my writing goal two days in a row. Once was my birthday, the 19th… I wrote zero words that day. I did, however, cook a very nice dinner for a large number of people.

The 20th I had to drive my son home and hit a snowstorm. By the time I got back I was exhausted. I tried to write but fell asleep multiple times while at the keyboard. Not like I got zero words, a bit over 1300, but still, not great.

Some random notes on life. My girlfriend gave me Eclipse for my birthday. It’s my favourite game, complex but easy to understand and with amazing replayability. I have the best girlfriend!

I’m losing weight. At my high point, I weighed 208. This morning I weighed in at 189.8. Now, weight isn’t that important, especially compared to things like body fat composition. My body fat percentage is going down too. It’s a bit up and down, of course, but overall the trend is downward.

I’m working on posts for December already. I won’t be doing this realtime stuff that causes me to miss days. It will be advance posts, long-form posts. This blog will get back to form.

Someone won the book. I did a draw on my birthday for a signed copy of A Long Walk. The winner happened, I will be informing them directly.

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