NaNoWriMo Day 23

A Turtle

Well, I cracked fifty thousand yesterday, and today I was actually a tiny bit short of my count. So, I was under 2500 but was over 1700. Not bad I guess.

More to the point, my endgame is close. I don’t know if I will hit 75000 by the end of the book, but I know I will hit the end of the book before the end of the month.

My story is good. It’s going very much exactly as I want it to, and I think it’s a good first draft so far. Clearly, I will need a second draft, because I always need a second draft, but I think it’s not going to feature a lot of story edits, more lined and detail edits. That’s what comes from doing so much work up front. I will never go back to not doing an outline.

Seriously, if it weren’t for the outline I wouldn’t have even been able to start this book since I’m not finished the last book… The outline meant I knew what happened with enough detail to ensure continuity.

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