NaNoWriMo Day 25 – Christmas Cheer

About to Die.

I’m very much in the home stretch. My primary villain, the one who’s been manipulating things behind the scenes is finally directly confronting Jenny, my heroine. She’s got the tools, the tricks, the knowledge. All she needs to have is the will. This is more of an issue than one would think, since there is a very, very high price to pay to defeat Manakel, and while she paid part of it already, the greater part is still to come. Also, made my word count goal.

Christmas is near, and today was a bad day. I’m having a glass of rum and eggnog as I write, and listening to the most violent and aggressive music I can find. Right now it’s the Butcher Babies. There was a long stretch of Marilyn Manson and Ministry earlier tonight.

So, I’m getting right into my usual cheery Christmas mood early.

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