Metal and Horror

A Kickboxer in a Ravine.

I write a few genre’s, but horror is pretty heavily featured. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I also listen to a lot of darker, more intense music.

The themes covered in metal, in particular, tend to be heavier themes. There tends to be a lot of horror imagery as well. Ideas of pain, destruction, death, all of the staples of horror are featured heavily in metal.

Often when I write I go for trance, something that stays out of my way and gives me a beat to play along with the ideas in my head. However, sometimes I need something to inspire tone, to inspire mood. That often ends up being metal, since it’s so heavily involved with both the right sort of mood, the right sort of themes.

In fact, as I write this the video I’m watching seems to about a dead soldier returning to his home to greet his wife, not realising he’s dead. I mean, that’s about as clear an example as I can conjure up… and when I started I had no idea what the video was going to end up being.

Themes of sex and violence are so prevalent in metal as to be part of how you even identify that a video is metal… and the music that goes along with it matters too. It has to be intense, fast, hard, loud. That hardness inspires a lot of the details of what I write. I write about battles with demons, zombies, hell bleeding into our world.

The specific reason I hit a metal binge today is I was writing a major battle for my current WIP. The final conflict, a fist fight between a demon and a hero who is strong enough to give a demon a run for its money. The scene required violence, epic levels of violence. I had to bring it, and the music helped me to do so.

So, what do you listen to when you write? Leave a comment below, let’s start a discussion.

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