Managing my Publishing and Writing Queue

A Pond. I think this is Madrid.

One thing I didn’t have to think about when I started this whole writing thing was which project I wrote when. It was easy. I had one book. I wrote it, edited it, and then published it.

Now I’m writing multiple series of books, and there are also several stand-alone books I’m working on.

I need to track what I’m writing, what status things are in. Also, I’ve started finishing works in progress that I started years ago. Hell, the Jenny Dark series started well over a decade ago. I didn’t ever write it, just built the world. Now I have a finished novel and another one that’s a fair ways in (more than a third, less than a half).

I have four books in editing right now. Seriously, four!

That’s ridiculous. Of course one of them is already published and I’m just trying to revamp it, make it better. The other three are all past first draft and need to be polished before they hit beta readers.

I have a category of story that shouldn’t exist. It only does because I’m working on these older stories that I started years ago. That status is “Started, needs outline”. No new story will ever have that because the outline will exist before I start writing the story. In my current queue, I have four in that status, although I technically have a few more – I just haven’t decided if I’m going to finish those ones or not.

Now, eventually, I’m going to add word counts to my document so that anything that’s started has a word count. Also, I should only have one book in the started condition at any time. Right now I have five.

The plan is that over time I will have one book in editing, one in publishing, one in writing, one in outline, and a bunch that are planned – a basic plot idea, stuff like that.

As I write this I’m realising things I’m missing. The big one is going to be ISBN’s. I need to start tracking them more carefully. Damnit, I need a whole bunch more fields. Time to add some sheets to my spreadsheet. One category per sheet. Okay, this has been very helpful. Good talk.

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