Horrible Villains

Lots of Turtles

I wrote the most horrifying character I’ve ever created recently. It’s a demon who is truly awful. I managed to disturb myself with this character.

The funny thing is she’s a minor character in my current WIP, and a minor character in the next novel and the next 4 planned novels.

She’s a thing of beauty. A villain who completely and totally embodies disgust. There’s a strong element of body horror, aberrant sexuality, degradation. It’s funny, because for the most part I have always favoured beautiful villains, but this character plays on the idea of beauty, the idea of sexuality. She’s someone I have a strong image of in my head. I know exactly what she looks like, how she sounds when she talks, what her home looks like… she’s a mix of imagery and personality from many people I have met in my life, many places I’ve been. No one person embodies all the traits she has, and I actually quite like some of the people who have contributed to her (hell, I’m one of them), but she’s got little tiny pieces that are negative traits, or even positive traits exaggerated to the point where they become negative.

She’s also the smartest character I’ve ever written. She might seem like she’s not all that bright on the surface, but everything this character does is calculated, planned, decades, maybe centuries in advance (she’s a demon remember? They live a damned long time).

I think she’s my favourite. Prior to inventing her, my favourite character was probably Mona from A Long Walk, but Maisie is much, much darker, and much more complex. Picturing her makes me feel a little bit nauseous, which just proves that I have a very clear image of her, that she feels real to me, solid, I know exactly what she is.

I can’t wait to introduce her to the world.

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