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I’m trying to build a consistent morning routine right now. I’ve been doing it for close to two weeks now, slowly building up what’s involved and making it more consistent.

I’m reading a lot of productivity bloggers these days, and I think all of them have a perfect morning routine. I don’t because that’s not me. I have a morning routine that’s slowly getting better. I have stolen elements from their perfect morning routine. For example, I do gratitude journaling. I write in my journal every morning and now I include something I’m grateful for. I write a bit about why I’m grateful and what that gratitude means to me. I don’t know if it changes things, but maybe it starts me off in a bit more of a positive place. I also exercise every day, I start with some body weight strength exercises, then I add in some ballistic stretching.

One thing that a lot of them talk about is a cold shower. I haven’t managed this, and I don’t know if I ever will. I’m considering moving to a warmer country at some point because I can’t deal with the cold here. Seriously, I don’t handle cold at all well. The idea of a cold shower first thing in the morning is just the worst thing ever. What I have been doing is ending my hot shower with a blast of cold for fifteen seconds. That’s about what I can handle (it’s important that if I go beyond that I trigger arthritis in my knee and then I get to spend the rest of the day in pain, so I think that I’m going to stick with fifteen seconds).

This is on my mind this morning because I didn’t manage my fifteen seconds today. My landlord is renovating the flat in the front and needed to turn off the water for five minutes. I had just finished rinsing off and was about to blast the cold when the water stopped existing. I was standing there, dripping wet and naked… if the water had shut off two seconds earlier I would have had shampoo in my hair, that would have sucked. Anyway, the point is that this once it was okay to skip that piece because I literally had no option. However, if I choose to skip that option today I will skip it tomorrow, and the next time I feel like it’s too much, and in no time at all, I’ll skip it every time.

That’s the secret I have discovered to my morning routine. I need to do it every time, exactly the same way. I can add, or even take away, but it has to be by intention. If I remove a piece I’m removing it, not just skipping it for today. Skipping it for today doesn’t exist.

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