Facebook Promotion – an Exercise in Frustration

A Misty Lake

A few years ago Facebook was the tool for self-promotion. You put up a page and you posted and people saw your posts.

I have people who follow me. A hundred and some. I post something new on my facebook page every single day. The way the algorithm works with Facebook, maybe six of those people see my post. Six. I think my recent high was thirteen.

I follow pages because I want those pages to be what I see on my feed. I don’t do it because I want Facebook to decide not to show me their posts.

The thing is, there’s a way to ensure that the people who subscribe to my page see my posts. Guess what it is? That’s right folks, I can “boost my post” for only a couple of dollars a day. Here’s the thing, I’m trying to build an audience, get new people interested in my work. Get people on my mailing list (if you join up I will send you a free short story – of course, it’s on this site too, but that way you get it in ebook format. Right now I’m giving away Almost Like Wearing Nothing At All to new subscribers). The thing is, Facebook has really created a situation where email lists are the tool that authors need to use.

I hate using email lists. Seriously, I don’t like subscribing to them, I hate getting a million messages. I would prefer it to just show up on my facebook feed. Odds are good that if I’m on Facebook I’m not doing something terribly important, and that’s a good moment to go check out the post from the writer I like (for the record most of the pages I subscribe to are writers… they tend to post content I’m interested in reading).

So, I guess I don’t have too much to say except that I really hate the way Facebook is doing this, and that I have no choice but to build my email list. Seriously… join my mailing list, you won’t regret it!

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One thought on “Facebook Promotion – an Exercise in Frustration

  1. Even worse, I’ve heard rumours that if you ever, and I mean ever, boost a post then you can expect to see the number of people who see the posts you don’t boost to drop. I’ve not confirmed it personally, because who wants that hassle, but it would make sense that once they’ve hooked you into paying for your post to be boosted that they’ll assume that you’ll be back to do it again.

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