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I’m listening to this song right now and reflecting on the fact that I haven’t actually watched any TV this week. I don’t watch TV as a regular thing, but I do watch specific shows. The biggest thing I noticed is that I really don’t care that I haven’t seen any television. I haven’t watched those show I usually do, and yet I don’t care.

I have been reading a good book, that pretty much takes up my entertainment hours. There’s nothing on TV right now that I feel strongly enough that I want to watch it every week. It’s funny because we hit the golden age of television recently, and now it seems that we aren’t there anymore. I mean, There are still a few shows – when Game of Thrones comes back I will watch that, and I will give fear the walking dead another season to see if they maintain the amazing quality they had the last few seasons. The Walking Dead has turned to complete and total crap… there is no emotional impact anymore.

Arrow, once my favourite, has completely lost it. They did that a few seasons ago though.

The truth is that whether or not these shows were good, they don’t really add to my quality of life, which is why I don’t miss them. Now, I still watch TV shows for specific reasons. It’s because it’s a great method for learning about serialised storytelling. Mostly I write novels, although I do tend to release them on my website in serial form. I will be releasing the first novel of Jenny Dark that way as well (and for free on Amazon once I can make it permafree).

Anyway, that’s going to be the only reason I go back to television, but I will go back from time to time. Books are of course better for many aspects of improving my writing, but there are absolutely some elements of television that are great for learning.

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