Chapter 26 – Reap What You Sow

A Modern House in the Wilderness

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Robert saw the settlement as he wandered the city. It was obvious it was there, all the zombies clustered around it. Clearly, there were humans inside. He spotted Jasper about a second later. The snake was being carried over the road on a wire. Fucking bastard, polluting another place with his chaos and anarchy.

Discipline. That was what was needed. Jasper had no real discipline. This place looked like it was in the same boat. If humanity was going to survive this anarchy needed to be stamped out. Chain of command needed to be sacrosanct. The more he looked at the place the more convinced he was that it was just wrong. Sure, it might last for a little while – and while it did people would be seduced. Anarchy is fun, it allows you to be a child, to think like a child. To be a real adult though, you need rules and order, and you need to accept them completely. People can’t be trusted to live how they want. Increasingly he was convinced that places like this needed to die so that the species could live. So he watched, and he waited. He had food, a nearby house with a decent vantage point, Trevor and Mona to make sure that food was prepped and ready. He studied the building. People came and went at all hours. Nobody really seemed to be in charge. He also spotted the weak points, lots and lots of them. Clear evidence that these people were inherently weak, that that trait flowed from them to their preparations. Better to have a few people who knew the chain of command, what to do, than to have a large number in chaos.

He was going to take the gate down, make this place end. Sure, some people would die… that would happen eventually anyway. They couldn’t be allowed to infect everyone with their ways. Humanity needed to survive. The question was how to get the gate taken care of, and how to make sure the building door was open after he did. He didn’t think the second part of that question would be hard… just run up and open it. The gate itself though, a bit more of a challenge. He remembered passing a Canadian Tire a ways back. There would be things he could use to make explosives. Enough to take out the gate at least. Once this place was gone the next place could be made better, order could be preserved.
The Index Page for the Book

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