Meeting With My Cover Designer

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I have a meeting today with my cover designer. In fact, by the time you read this, I will have already met with my cover designer. I will be taking possession of one of my covers, and seeing comps of another one I haven’t seen before. Hopefully getting comps of two more.

I write a lot, but I haven’t been marketing to the degree I should be. Also, I haven’t released the second book in the world of the dead series because I am still editing it. It’s taking longer than it should, but I’m doing it. Should be launching in early January.

Mid-January will see my literary novel “An Accusation” (title may change) coming out, and by late January, early February I should have the first two novels in the Jenny Dark series out.

I’m going to be working on my cyber-noir series Nic Styx after that. It’s a fun concept and I can’t wait to get started. I don’t know how it will go, but I have the story for book 1 already complete, have to turn it into a proper outline, then take the bit I wrote years ago, update it, turn it into a proper book, I have the first few chapters written – and I do mean written. It was done longhand.

I’m wrestling with an idea – I like when books, especially in that genre, use elements of media to tell part of the story. I don’t see it being used a lot lately. It’s a thing that John Brunner used back when he was writing Stand on Zanzibar and The Sheep Look Up. Now, I originally used some of that in my story. I’m trying to decide if I use it or not. I’m inclined to say yes because it’s something I like.

I guess I’m going to have to go to the well of common information and make a decision. So, both Reddit and Facebook will be getting threads created on them.

I might tackle my vampire novel before I hit the second Nic Styx book. I’ve been trying to figure out what sort of flow works best for me. Do I bang through one book then another book in the same series, or do I move from concept to concept? I know that I wrote one World of the Dead novel, then the second one, with a long break between, but they were back to back.

Jenny Dark is going in a weirder order. I wrote a third of book 1, then NaNoWriMo started and I wrote book 2, now I’m back to finishing book 1. So not only are the back to back, in fact, they are out of order.

So, my vampire novel, it’s a standalone and is probably more literary in both its plot and goals than most of my stuff. Not as much as An Accusation, but close. It’s the story of a vampire and a human that fall in love, but it is very, very far from Twilight. This isn’t anything like that, not only in that my vampires are much more the classic vampire (although I am going with the sunlight kills version), but in that the relationship between them goes very, very differently than expected.

Anyway, that’s kind of an update on what I’m working on. I will try to put comps for my covers up when I have them.

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