I have a short story on Amazon

The Chosen Pigherder Cover

I know, I have a few. This one is even on this site. The only issue is I have edited it since I posted it, so it’s a bit different than the version on the site. Available for sale right now.

The story is The Chosen Pigherder. The basic premise is that the chosen one is actually very good at his job, and loves it. He’s a great pig farmer. It’s not so much that he resists the call to adventure as that he has actually zero interest in it. In the end, he manages to subvert the call and do something else.

I didn’t like this one very much when I wrote it, but I went back and re-read it, and it’s much more clever than I had originally thought, and on reread I quite enjoy it.

The edits help.

Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t read the version on this site, and I will update it to match, but I haven’t done the updates yet, and it will be a few days before I manage to get those changes done, because I split it up in serial form when I first wrote it… It was an experiment in live writing.

I often find that I enjoy stories more when I take a break and go back. As a reader, I find they often have things to offer me that I didn’t appreciate when I was originally creating them.

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