The Disaster Artist

A Path

It’s a strange thing to watch a movie where good actors play incredibly bad actors. The Disaster Artist is the story of the making of The Room.

The Room is an awful movie, entertaining, but awful. It’s hard to really explain, but it’s compelling in a very strange sort of way. The Disaster Artist is stranger. The truth is that Tommy Wiseau, the writer, director, and star of The Room is a very strange man, and nobody really knows where his money comes from. He personally bankrolled the movie The Room to the tune of six million dollars, owned an apartment in LA, and had no discernable source of income.

The Disaster Artist is fun, but it’s not the same kind of fun. It’s not mean-spirited towards Tommy, in fact, it seems to celebrate him, but it does recognise that he was not a good filmmaker. He is played by James Franco, a very, very talented actor. His best friend and co-star Greg is played by Dave Franco.

It’s so strange that it has to be real life. If I wrote a character like Tommy Wiseau, nobody would believe it. He’s far too bizarre and unexplained.

I often try to include incongruous elements in my characters, and the tale of Tommy Wiseau is a great inspiration for that.

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