Chapter 30 – Everybody was Kung-Fu Fighting

A Garden in Paris

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It was quickly obvious that Robert had a major advantage in terms of size and strength. His reach was much longer than Jasper’s and his hits were incredibly powerful. Jasper was quicker, more agile. It wasn’t obvious to Robert, but Jasper also had a lot more training in unarmed combat. Robert had always relied on being bigger and stronger, and it made him lazy in training. If he could win the combat every time, without having to work too hard, he was clearly doing it right. Jasper on the other hand, while still being a decent sized guy, was not always the biggest, the tallest, the fastest. He made up for it with training and dedication. His shots were precise, and he was more aware, paying more attention to the environment, constantly scanning for any opening, any slight mistake on Robert’s part. That’s why he was the one who noticed the zombie closing on Robert. The creature grabbed Robert by the arm as he drew his fist back to punch. Robert spun, slamming his huge fist into the creature, sending it flying back. As he did that he felt rabbit punches slamming into his kidney. Robert turned back as Jasper swung a low roundhouse kick into his thigh. It hurt, it hurt a lot. Robert grabbed the smaller man and pulled him off his feet. Technique counts for a lot, but it has limits. He lifted Jasper and threw him to the ground. Jasper hit the pavement, hard.

Robert casually walked two steps and slammed his foot into Jasper’s ribs. He heard a crunching sound and Jasper gasped in pain. Jasper was on the edge of blacking out, the pain in his side was so intense. He rolled and fetched up at the feet of a zombie. The creature bent down to grab him. Jasper reached up, shifted his weight, dropping the already unbalanced zombie, sending it crashing to the ground between him and Robert, just as the big man brought his foot down, hard. Robert ended up smashing the zombie, missing Jasper. The zombie tried to bite Robert’s leg, forcing Robert to deal with it. Robert slammed his other foot down on the zombies head over and over again until its skull shattered. Jasper’s ribs were screaming bands of pain, breathing was fire. He managed to stay conscious, but every movement took him right back to the edge.

Jasper was doing everything he could to stay out of Robert’s grasp. He couldn’t find the space to get back to his feet. If he wasn’t hurt, maybe… but with his ribs damaged as they were, he didn’t have a chance. The zombies kept reaching for him, Robert kept pressing forward. Jasper kept moving, rolling, crawling. At one point he was certain Robert had him, but he managed to slide between two zombies, they turned to him and Robert smashed through them, sending them falling to the ground.

There were no zombies around them anymore, just the two of them, a pocket of violence in the calming sea. No more distractions, no more places to hide. Just the two of them, like it was always going to be.

Jasper couldn’t lose the big man, couldn’t get free, this was it. All this time, all this distance, and he was going to be beaten to death in a parking lot by a madman. At least he’d had a chance to find Taylor, to tell her he loved her. That was something, more than he had expected when he started the journey. His vision started to go black at the edges, his body finally giving up, finally losing the ability to stay conscious.

Just as he blacked out he saw something, a shape from a nightmare closing behind Robert, then the world went away.
The Index Page for the Book

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