Adaptation Review – Altered Carbon – Halfway Point

Dog on a Path

Altered Carbon is not my favourite book, but it’s damned close. The whole Takeshi Kovacs series in fact. So far the tv series is quite good. They did tone down the sex and violence quite a bit, still might be the most violent thing on TV, and the sex is medium high on the explicitness, but it’s nothing compared to the books.

It’s odd watching what might just be the most violent and sex filled thing on television and be disappointed because it’s so tame compared to the source material.

The whole thing is noir and post-humanist and cyberpunk all rolled into one. It’s also the closest thing to live action Anime that exists – and I’m including live-action adaptations of Anime.

I’m slightly disappointed in a few specifics as well, but overall I am enjoying it a great deal.

If you like your entertainment violent and psychotic, watch it.

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