A Long Walk

New cover

A Long Walk was a NANOWRIMO project that I completed. The editing took several months after that, and I’m still updating and modifying it. I decided recently that I’m going to publish it in whole on this site. I’m publishing it in serial format, a chapter every Wednesday. All chapters will end up on here. If you like it and you want to support me here is my Patreon page. It’s for sale on Amazon, as well as a Trade Paperback version, a Pocketbook version, and a Hardcover version (I don’t really recommend that unless you absolutely love the book, it’s a bit pricey, I would make it cheaper, but it’s ridiculously expensive to print).

The chapters are below:
Chapter 1 – Meet Jasper
Chapter 2 – A Very Bad Morning
Chapter 3 – Fire and Water
Chapter 4 – A Bad Ending
Chapter 5 – Crossing the River
Chapter 6 – Robert at the Cottage
Chapter 7 – No Safety in the Skies
Chapter 8 – Schools Out for Summer
Chapter 9 – Clearing the Way
Chapter 10 –
Meet Me Behind the Wood Pile

Chapter 11 – The Haul
Chapter 12 – Wounded, Nearly Dead
Chapter 13 – The Great Hunter
Chapter 14 – It’s a Small World After All
Chapter 15 – Halfway Between the North Pole and the Equator
Chapter 16 – Everything Falls Apart in the End
Chapter 17 – Escape
Chapter 18 – Chase
Chapter 19 – Abandoned
Chapter 20 – Cowboys
Chapter 21 – Approaching Storm
Chapter 22 – Aftermath
Chapter 23 – Into the Tame
Chapter 24 – Can’t Rely on Anybody
Chapter 25 – I’m Living Downtown
Chapter 26 – Reap What You Sow
Chapter 27 – In the Mouth of Madness
Chapter 28 – I Love it When a Plan Comes Together
Chapter 29 – What She Saw in the Night
Chapter 30 – Everybody was Kung-Fu Fighting