A New Thing on the Blog

A body by a stove

I’m going to start updating again… I know, I know, I keep saying that. Here’s the thing, I keep saying it with an update schedule in mind but ignoring why I keep stopping.

So, why do I keep stopping? Well, because what I’m writing in the blog just doesn’t feel right to me.

I’m talking about the challenges of writing, how I craft a story, what my progress looks like. Cool, if you are starting out as a writer this might be interesting to you. If you know me personally this might be interesting for you. Otherwise, it’s just a bunch of noise.

What do  I have to offer a potential reader?

I’m going to start writing horror theory, I’m going to start writing about the real world things that provide research materials for my books. True things about zombies, serial killers, freakish murders. That’s what I read to get ready to write.

I believe that my readers will get a kick out of some of it. I mean, you are already reading about zombies and serial killers, right?

That’s the first piece of my new update schedule, there will be others as time goes on.

The category (if you pay attention to categories) will be Dark Worlds


Finally launching Resource Economies

The Book Cover

I did a sort of a soft launch of Resource Economies with a draft cover, but I have the final cover now and I’m launching the real deal. Actually, I’ve had the final cover for a while, but I was putting off some final bits of editing I needed to do. Now it’s done, the files have been submitted and sometime within the next 24 – 72 hours when Amazon has completed their review the book will be available!!!

I’m very proud of this book, it’s a sequel of sorts, although the majority of the characters are new, and it is twenty years after the first one. Most importantly, it isn’t nearly as self-insert as A Long Walk was!!!

The e-book is now ready!


Moral Responsibility

Icy Morning Water

What is an author’s moral responsibility with regards to social issues?

So, apparently, I’m going off and being pretentious straight out of the gate with my new blogging schedule.

Still, it’s a thorny question. Does an author have a responsibility to be socially conscious? To try to reflect the values they believe in, to have characters who embody what they want to see in the world?

My answer is – it’s complicated. This is just the answer for me of course, but not all of the characters I write are characters I agree with, even the protagonists.

The Strange Tales of Jenny Dark features a narrator who has a very, very progressive view. Miranda is not just politically to the left of centre (as am I), but she’s very, very far to the left. I don’t know if she’s further than I am, but she’s followed a different direction. She’s very, very into identity politics. That’s something I find problematic.

Most of my villains share at least some of my points of view. It’s part of how I establish them as more complex characters. They don’t have single points of view, they aren’t cut from a single cloth, they have some views that I actually find morally positive, and some I find actually evil.

My heroes are the same, I don’t agree with them completely. Now, that doesn’t mean they aren’t heroic, or that they aren’t somehow good people. They are just complicated.

Same for my stories. I don’t agree with all of the outcomes or decisions, good doesn’t always triumph, and sometimes it isn’t even totally obvious that good is good.

So, what’s the moral responsibility? Moral is subservient to story. I will always side with a good tale over a moral tale, both in my reading and in my writing.


Too Busy

A Stone Angel

So, I’m changing my post frequency – for obvious reasons. I’m going to once a week.

Also, I’m employed – sort of. I’m part owner of a company, and I do get paid for it. This is a very, very recent development. It is taking up a lot of my time.

The truth is I can’t keep this blog going at a post a day while starting a new business and launching three books in less than two months, one of which isn’t quite finished yet, and I mean the first draft.

So, new posts will be on Friday from now on.


Become a Bestselling Author!

Cyberpunk Girl

Okay, no… that’s not really what this post is about. One of the writing groups I belong to had the question “Is becoming a bestselling author a dream or a goal for you?”. My answer was neither (which is a bit unfair, since the group is specifically about becoming a bestselling author)…

My answer was that I wanted to sell a few copies of a lot of books. Sure, having a book become a bestseller would be amazing and incredibly validating, but I’m good with writing a lot of books and having people who like them buy them even if not that many people know about them. That’s my ultimate goal, to have people like my stories enough that they buy all of my books, even when I have dozens on the market.

Is that goal realistic? If I work at it I could probably do six to eight books a year. That means it will take around three years to twenty books (give or take a few months). At twenty books I should be able to earn a decent living, if not an extravagant one.

So, long-term, I want to earn my living from that process.

In the meantime, I have work I do day to day, as well as the work I do for writing and marketing. Sometimes that work takes up a lot of time.


Sent off the manuscript

Gangster Girls

So the manuscript for A Long Walk is now in an editors hands getting ready for the next edition. The manuscript for Resource Economies has a lot of highlighter on it and is sitting in my bag. The manuscript for Jenny Dark book 1 is mostly done first draft and the manuscript for book 2 is at first draft but untouched. I have covers for all four ready to go – although I do think I need a copy of windows and the Adobe suite to work with them and get them ready for print. That’s all cool though. I might even farm out that bit of work to another designer.

Too busy to write a lot on here most days right now. I have a couple of day jobs at the moment.