A New Thing on the Blog

A body by a stove

I’m going to start updating again… I know, I know, I keep saying that. Here’s the thing, I keep saying it with an update schedule in mind but ignoring why I keep stopping.

So, why do I keep stopping? Well, because what I’m writing in the blog just doesn’t feel right to me.

I’m talking about the challenges of writing, how I craft a story, what my progress looks like. Cool, if you are starting out as a writer this might be interesting to you. If you know me personally this might be interesting for you. Otherwise, it’s just a bunch of noise.

What do  I have to offer a potential reader?

I’m going to start writing horror theory, I’m going to start writing about the real world things that provide research materials for my books. True things about zombies, serial killers, freakish murders. That’s what I read to get ready to write.

I believe that my readers will get a kick out of some of it. I mean, you are already reading about zombies and serial killers, right?

That’s the first piece of my new update schedule, there will be others as time goes on.

The category (if you pay attention to categories) will be Dark Worlds