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This is my free gift to you for deciding to be part of my journey and my community. It’s a story of the clash of cultures in a world ruled by tribalism and fear… and just possibly a small ray of hope.

It’s been twenty years since the dead rose to consume the living, and humanity has survived, at least in one small corner of the world. The city of New Hope is growing and running out of space so they send a force out to take back a nearby island from the hordes of zombies that shamble through its streets.

The island is home to another group of survivors though, a cannibal cult that worships the undead and doesn’t want to share.

This book can be read on its own without losing anything, and the first book (A Long Walk) is also available for free on Amazon. In fact, there is a good chance you ended up here as a result of that book, but if not you don’t need to read it first. It’s the same world, some of the same characters, but a completely stand-alone story.

I promise I won’t sell or give away your info. I use my list to update people on what I’m doing as a writer, sometimes a source of interesting information about survival and zombies, and to let people know when I release new stories or books. Typically I will send a message once a week, although if something really exciting is happening I might just do an extra post.

Thanks and enjoy!