A New Venture

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I’m starting a new thing… well, it’s a few new things.

The first thing is going to be a consulting business for people who want to self publish. This isn’t a marketing consultation, it is about how to get the book out there in the world.

I will talk a little bit about author platform, but that’s just building the basic tools needed for a book to exist, not really how to get people to buy it.

If you check out my post on Black Card Books you will see why I feel a need to do this, why I think it’s a worthwhile thing to offer to the world.

So, I’ll be offering this service as soon as I come up with the details of the model – don’t worry, I’ll be posting that information here. If you are eager to get going just shoot me a message and we’ll work something out.

The next bit is going to be an e-book outlining how to self-publish. Sure, it’s not the first one, but it will be an accumulation of all the wisdom I have gained going through the process multiple times. I have made several mistakes doing it, and this book will include how not to make those mistakes. I suspect it will be a useful thing.

The final piece is going to be a couse, available as video, audio, and text. That will be a paid product – I am still working out details, and that will take longer than the other two since I have to script and record those videos.

Right now I’m looking for feedback on all three parts. What do people think would be useful? What would people be willing to pay? So many questions I need to figure out.

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