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I finished a first draft today.

It’s my first non-fiction book and it’s a fair bit shorter than my fiction. Only twenty thousand words. That’s still a pretty decent bit. Not only that, it was very low effort. The book consists of blog posts that I wrote for other purposes, but they coalesced into a book on writing!

I’m going into editing with it and expect to have that done in a week or so. Release will happen soon after that!

Yeah, I’m excited as hell!

Now I need some help. I don’t have a title yet – it’s a book on how to write a book, something I’ve managed to do several times now. So, help me out… help me to find the perfect title!

Also, I would love to have a few people beta read for me. Hit me up if you are interested. It’s going to be a pretty quick thing since the book is going to be released at a rapid pace.

I also have a fiction book near completion and two fiction books that are through the first draft. One of them is even edited and ready to go… but it’s book two in a series and book one isn’t quite there.

I’m challenging myself to something. It’s a bit crazy, but I’m going for it anyway. Here’s the challenge. Between now and December 31 I will release eleven books.

That’s right, eleven!

That’s my challenge to myself. It’s not quite as crazy as it seems. I will have four books ready for release before the end of May… that leaves me with the rest of the year to produce seven. Tight, but do-able.

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