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I just finished the first draft of Demon Hunting 101 – it’s the first volume of an Urban Fantasy/Horror series called The Strange Tales of Jenny Dark.

I’m very proud of this piece of work, and I’m very proud of the whole project. I actually wrote the second book first (well, I started the first book first, then I decided to do NaNoWriMo and did the second book, put the first book on hold for a long time).

This is the first draft, but I’m getting a lot faster with editing as well as with writing, so I expect to have the edits done by sometime next week. That will put it in a position to go to an external editor.

I have to pick that editor, although I do have some possibilities.

What makes this insane is that I just finished a non-fiction book a couple of days ago. Yeah, that’s right, I finished two books this week!

I didn’t start two books this week, of course, I started the writing book months ago, and Demon Hunting 101 started over a year ago. I’m back to writing very fast though, and I have the outline for the next book I’m going to write already in the can. I expect it to take me two weeks to actually write… although three is not impossible.

The one after that: I will have it outlined today… I will start writing it as soon as I finish the next one. It is going to be non-fiction and I expect it to take a week to get to the point where I send it to an external editor.

The next fiction one will be two weeks after that one.

You see where I’m going with this right? Insane pace of writing… of course that is because I have a queue of books already planned and ready to be outlined. I front-loaded a lot of the work. 

Anyway, yeah, I’m bragging a little bit. I am quite pleased with the speed I am writing right now, and I’m very pleased with the prep-work I’ve done to get these books out there.

It’s funny, I thought once I had a few books done I would start to lose the emotional high from finishing, but I’ve done six now (at least to first draft) and it hasn’t wained at all.

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