Medium and my Blog – Stats of Surprise

I just checked my blog stats… holy shit!!! I actually am getting a lot of visits. Most of them are from Medium. No shock there, although I’m a little surprised since I seem to actually be getting more traffic from Medium than I am on Medium.

It’s cool to see, although it is still small numbers. I’m talking in the thousands per month, but not the tens of thousands.

My mailing list is still small, and I don’t know what to do with these subscribers. See, I’m not really here making money – at least not yet. The blog is just there, and the medium posts, while cool, are still only earning me pennies. Well… I might crack the dollar mark this month!

So, what should I do here? I’m pretty open to suggestions… how do I start the process of turning this blog into part of what makes me a living?

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