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This is it… over the next two months, I am going on a bit of a marketing blitz.

The plan, such as it is, is simple. Grow my mailing list, post a bunch of stuff on Medium, release two new books! Yes, that’s right, two!!!

See, I have a new series I’m working on. The Strange Tales of Jenny Dark. The basic idea is a couple of young women who gain superpowers and fight demons. Think Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Sherlock Holmes. I have the second book finished, edited, and ready to go. I need to tweak the cover, but it’s basically there. The first book isn’t complete. The cover is ready to go, but the content isn’t even through the first draft yet. I expect to finish it within the next week or two and then will start editing. Once it is edited I will be releasing it along with book two. 

I have another finished draft as well, this one does need an editor – specifically, it needs a story editor. The line edits will have to happen as well, but I know the story needs some tweaking so I need someone who can do that kind of edit. If you know someone, please let me know. So far the editors I have worked with, only one has done strong story edits and she is the reason my first book is as strong as it is.

I will probably need story edits for Jenny Dark book one as well. The title is Demon Hunting 101.

Jenny Dark is ambitious. Each novel is stand alone, but I have a general outline of plots for a dozen books. Yep, twelve. I just went through all of the world building notes I have, and a lot of work has gone into this sucker already… I’m very excited to actually be focusing on it for a little while.

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