I’m trying to balance my day job and my writing right now.

It’s a challenge. For the first time in a long time, I’m actually enjoying programming and my work team is great. On the other hand, I’m starting to dream snippets of books because I haven’t been writing nearly as much lately. My fiction output has dropped to a few hundred words a week, down from a few thousand a day.

I’m keeping to my daily writing habit goal, which is five minutes… but let’s face it, it’s going to take me a damned long time to get through my thirty-some book queue at that pace. Hell, my current WIP (about halfway through)is going to take a damned long time. I need to write another thirty thousand words before that one is done. The sequel is already ready to go, so I really need to finish it (that way I can release both of them in very short order).

I have another novel finished that needs editing… I haven’t taken the time or money to do that. I know I need at least one more story pass before it’s ready for an external look.

So, clearly, I don’t have the balance right at the moment. I’m way, way behind on my Medium posting as well.

Here’s the plan — up my daily writing to an hour. See how much I can get done with that. Stick to it for a while. Maybe I’ll stick it at the start of my day before I start on my code… that way I know it will be done and I will not be able to say I didn’t get to it because stuff got in the way. Problem with that is that I find I’m much more capable of writing late at night. I don’t know why, but I am… I get creative at night, I dream pieces of story if I don’t write them in the evening.

I also have a freelance gig that’s taking up some time… it’s a writing gig, so that’s cool. I’ll post the URL here once it’s public of course, but it’s a blog writing job. Fun work and a bit of extra scratch on the side.

Anyway, that’s the plan — let’s see how it goes. If it goes well I will probably do a post about that experience on one of the author publications I write for.

Also — I have a new publication that I’m starting. It’s completely unknown at this point, and I will be posting the details of it as soon as I have some content. It’s not exactly writing related, instead focusing on prepping and primitive survival.

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