My Earnings Update

You remember two weeks ago when I proudly proclaimed that I had made money on medium? Well, I made a lot more!!! It’s a major, major growth! Seriously… forget my post about being broke, I made a whole $2.97 this time around!!! For anyone keeping track, my last payout was $0.25, so that’s 11.88 times the earnings. Clearly, if this trend continues I will be making six grand US every two weeks in a couple of months 😉

But seriously, it’s really cool to see my interaction going up like this and to see why. I obviously don’t expect the same level of growth, and actually figure it’s more likely to stick to the same general area as it is right now… but I’m going to keep pressing forward with the updates.

My readership and view stats have really gone up as well. I mean, it’s still pretty small potatoes, but it’s a big improvement in a short time. Guess publishing often really does help.

There are a few changes I will be making, like making sure my Amazon affiliate links are more clearly labelled and the like.

Thanks for the support — I’ll update next time I have something to actually report.

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