Poverty and Authenticity

I’m broke right now.

Seriously hardcore broke.

It sucks. I hate it and I really want to sell out in a big way.

Thing is, I also want to change my life to be more what I want it to be. I want to become a specific sort of person, the type of person who doesn’t compromise their principles, no matter what.

I haven’t been that sort of person most of my life, I worked in an industry that I hated for decades. I took shortcuts when I thought they would get me ahead. I took the easy road as often as I possibly could.

Now I’m paying a price for all of that, I’m dealing with poverty, depression, isolation, loneliness, heartbreak, fear. All things I put aside by keeping myself numb for most of my life. I don’t know if I’d still be dealing with the same things if I had been more authentic, more honest, more real… what I do know is that I am dealing with a lot of them due to not being that person.

So, here I am — laying myself out there for the world, trying to make my actual dream come true at the tender age of forty-five.

I’m hoping that Medium helps with it, that it makes me some money, that some folks decide to get on my Patreon (although right now there isn’t that much to my Patreon… something to be fixed going forward), that some folks buy my books and short stories.

I don’t know if this path is going to work. For all I know, writing is dead, and the folks who shill workshops on how to make money shilling workshops while pretending to be a writer are the only ones who can still make it… but I have to try, so I am. Anyway, that’s my confession I guess… the authentic truth.

In the end, all I have to offer is authenticity.

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